About me

When I started as a full time uni student at the start of 2015 I was absolutely aware of what I was letting myself in for.  As the mother of two crazy girls and doin’ it alone I made the choice to embrace chaos for the long term gain.

I was looking around for people who had embraced the same crazy path that I was embarking on… but sadly found none (although you watch, now they’ll come out of the woodwork). So now I’ve decided to do it myself and start this blog, not only as a board for my own brilliant thoughts, but also to share the experience and any good ideas that I or my other studying, mature age parents and single parents may have.

I have other blogs that are devoted to my journalism and communications academic work.  But here is my place to be less contrived and more free.  So by all means, come hang with me, you’re welcome…

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