A Routine Affliction

img_4316I am not special. I bare a title Artist which, in my case at least, has enabled my lack of focus and serial fluidity with which I travel through life, much like a dandelion seed, never quite managing to take root.

Today I’m challenging myself yet again. My eldest daughter started high school today and I am once again at leisure… though never actually at leisure. Today I will start writing daily and stick with it. I always have written, as evidenced by the shelves of books, but I have intention to do more than express. I intend to create. I intend to support my beautiful girls on their journey and become more directional with my implicit power that is at my fingertips.

We started today early, eager and clean—no noise. No devices allowed, just breakfast, laughter and some dancing. Everyone was fed and out the door in time. It’s a strange thing to have children, only to let them go.

This is Wednesday. x

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