Parenting in academia

2016-06-03 16.50.44 The weekend from hell. Three final deadlines are burgeoning or past. Single parenting with no jobs has climaxed in a pile of unpaid bills such as internet and mobile phones. I’m disconnected.

Dissolved to laughter and despair, reading papers by social scientists, neurologists and statisticians while my six year old climbs on my lap and my nine year old begs me to come watch a movie and my refusal deposits her onto my office floor bemoaning the aspects of her boredom. Whilst I bemoan my place of intellectual solitude and my space of playful parenting… all at once.2016-06-04 17.17.47

There was a routine in place all semester that as Murphy’s Law would have it, it and Netflix dissolved on the final weekend of session when everything was due. This is the study roller-coaster domestic style. How do children manage to use every plate in the house before four o’clock in the afternoon.  Of course there were pancakes and toast, the evidence of their existence is covering the kitchen bench.

” But mum, I’m hungry…” of course you are darling.

2016-06-05 16.04.04It’s funny when you decide to study as a mother of small children, it’s such an idealistic act.  The motivation is almost purely directed towards an ends… but there is no way of predicting or describing the moments of chaos and inspiration that exist in the middle. But for now the chaos… lots of flour, sugar…mountains of  sugar (warning: things may appear larger than they actually are), honey, bicarbonate of soda, jam, the list and the stickiness goes on.

Thank goodness the report was digitally submitted, otherwise the pages would be stuck together.

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