Never too much Shrek


It’s Friday night and I’m sitting on the lounge with my youngest daughter who’s dancing on the lounge as Eddie Murphy’s donkey sings out “I’m a believer”. This is about the third time she’s watched Shrek tonight. Bad mother you say… hmmm yeah maybe, but she’s been happy relaxing in here while her momma has been cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes, doing the readings for her research project, making bread, folding towels, feeding the dog, cooking dinner. You know doing nothing like most women 😉 Granted I did take the time to shovel all the dog poo. ( Just a word about the sheer amount of poo that my dog generates… I am in bewildered awe. How can that much feaces come out of one small animal, I ask you.)

So I figure that I am going to air my pain, and frankly funny life in a sarcastic and smart ass way, I apologise in advance. Now my daughter is narrating the movie (that she has just rewound for me – awesome) that is playing on the screen.  I’m going to cause world war 3 and get her to have a shower and go to bed. Thrilling I know. Can’t believe I left my wine at my friends house.

Have fun it’s Friday!


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