Our world, our choice.

 What if you woke up one day… let’s say today, and decided everything was going to be different?  That you weren’t going to accept the way that things are, you were going to put action in the direction of where you want them to be. Imagine how different not only ‘your’ world but ‘our’ world would be.

Manifestation is something I have seen my whole life as real.  Thoughts do become things.  When people believe something enough they tend to make it come true.  When people believe “it’s too far gone, we can’t do anything”, then they can’t do anything.  Yet when someone decides that they are going to change a situation, an illness, a world, they can and  they do.

So from that stand point, if we don’t like the way the world is right now, why don’t we stop waiting for someone to fix it for us?  Imagine if we took the responsibility for our own lives and our own communities into our own hands and put any, even a little action in that direction.  We could change the world.

I was told that I don’t live in an autocracy, I live in a democracy.   So our system should be created by us, and work for us.  And if it doesn’t, why is it still there?  Why do we support it by our silence and inaction –  laziness? Much of my childhood was spend in a cult on the South Coast of New South Wales (Australia), it was there I witnessed first hand totally normal peoples relief and willingness to give up the responsibility of their lives to someone else.  They had someone else to blame, someone else to rely on to make decisions in their life.  Out here, we like to blame the government or our employer, our wife, our kids or our parents.  But in reality, it is us that stand by and say nothing while the land we live on is raped for numbers on a screen.  It is us that go shopping in K-Mart and rejoice over the $2 polo shirts, while in Bangladesh somewhere there are thousands of families starving because we’re SO happy to have $2 T-shirts.

I am by no means absolving myself of any of this.  But I am asking the question, what world do I want to live in?  What does that really look like?  Daily the picture is getting clearer, and with every step I am less willing to accept anything else.

SO, I challenge you to come with me. As Gandhi said You must be the change you want to see in the world.  And another of my fav’s is The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.Edmund Burke

I believe most of us feel so overwhelmed by this life we have created that we are in the most part incapacitated and unable to act in any great way.  So do small things, know where your food is coming from, spend time in nature, talk to your children, if something doesn’t sit right with you speak up, hold your national leaders to task and make sure they truly are representing you, money talks – where you spend your money effects the world, live consciously.

There is so much more to say on this subject but really… I believe in humanity’s ability to be different, but we can’t lay in a place of powerlessness to accomplish great things.  And given the state of our world at present we really all need to pull it out and stop standing idly by while the ship sinks beneath the waves.  Just know that you, personally can make a difference.  We are all better than this.


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